Supertag International 

Your security is our business

Super tag 25 years in the anti shoplifting business.
Developed this unique system of anti shoplifting and inventory counting
of goods on shelf or racks in real time repot.By using a tag with 2 technologies
that can protect and also transmit to reader´s id for counting and reading inventory

The advance tag is in AM&RF Reader





Super Tag is introducing a new approach to retail merchandising, Smart Store
Super Tag
uses passive RFID monitoring tags and systems solutions, with
advanced changing the face of retailing to reduce losses, increase sales, track
inventory and enhance efficiency.

SuperTag is your end solution provider manufacture for all your E.A.S & CCTV needs

NEW Aluminium Foil Detector

We have the solution for the aluminum foil bags we stop them in the entrance of the store.
The system will alarm when the aluminum bag will cross the system

Retail loss prevention is crucial to your business. Super Tag has the solution for you!! In the global scope, unfortunately,
shoplifting is a problem for retailers of all sizes As populations grow and retail prices continue to increase,Shoplifting crimes are
committed more often.As a result, the use of EAS security systems is becoming increasingly more common amongst retailers.
Estimates taken from a recent national retail security survey suggest that 35% of annual
inventory shrinkage losses experienced by the U.S.A (USD17.6 billion) are due to shoplifting and employee theft each year.
Super Tag EAS equipment and its accessories are designed to help retailers minimize their shoplifting losses
by using a concept called Active Deterrence

RF antena system

SuperTag Makers Of The Most Advanced, Affordable And Highest Quality Asset Protection Equipment Available In The World
Unlike our competitors that are targeting only new costumers. Supertag targets existing customers using competitors products.
Supertag does this by offering better service and more advanced technology.

Our competitors´ will switch to Supertag because of the following reasons:

Quality, Service, Maintenance cost, performance, and the ability to make tags for any product.

We have increased the total size of the market
by introducing our latest and most advanced Systems to our existing customers.

Supertag int. is a global supplier, of theft deterrent electronic security products, for the retail and industrial markets.

Supertag designs, develops and manufactures cutting edge asset protection and electronic article surveillance systems EAS)

that have unparalled range.Supertag security systems can be found around the world in retail chains in the apparel,

sporting goods, malls supermarkets and grocery sectors as well as museums,

libraries and office settings where asset protection and inventory tracking is essential.

Supertag security systems are also being used in hotels,hospitals and day-care settings for effective elderly and child safety monitoring.
Supertag creates a number of cost effective solutions and system configurations that can meet any client’s needs.

Supertags technology requires almost no maintenance coupled with its broad ion of EAS accessories that interface

with RF, AM, EM, RM carpet nd micro-RF radio technologies,

which suits almost any client´s security budget. Service is a core value at Supertag. Privately held,

upertag is headquartered in ISRAEL with distribution partners located throughout the world.

Supertag is continually seeking to expand its market penetration with complimentary

business and capital opportunities which have fueled its success and continue to be its driving force