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        Radio Frequency (RF) Systems

Radio Frequency (RF) Systems are the most widely used systems in the United States today.
RF Systems use labels – miniature, disposable electronic circuits and antennas attached to products and goods
which respond to a specific frequency emitted by a transmitter antenna, usually one pedestal of an entry/exit gate.
The response from the label is picked up by an adjacent receiver antenna located in another pedestal,
which will trigger an alarm when it matches specific criteria.
For most of Supertags competitors, the maximum distance between the two pedestals is approximately 80 inches.
Operating frequencies for RF systems generally range from 2 to 10 MHz (millions of cycles per second)
To disarm the tag, a RF pulse blasts the tag and burns out the diode or RC components.
Between the gates a burned out tag does not emit a signal, so the gates let it pass without an alarm.
RF systems are generally used in supermarkets, DIY stores and drug and convenience stores.
Supertags RF systems are available as a single antenna (RF Mono™) combines both a receiver and a transmitter
and providing dual-side detection, or double antennas (RF Dual™), depending on the needs of the customer.
Supertag has tremendous flexibility in the design and appearance of its
RF systems, and can tailor the outward appearance of the system to match the customer’s aesthetic needs.
Supertag offers four different types of RF systems: RF Standard – basic metal exterior suitable for all exits;
RF Crystal – sleek, transparent acrylic gate which blends into the store environment;
RF OptiGate – optical shop specialty gate featuring extra height for over-the-head coverage;
RF AdGate – facilitates advertisement placement at the storefront entrance.
Main Features of the RF System Superior rate of detection;
Customer oriented design;
Self-adjustable gate sensitivity – microprocessor controlled;
Random noise reduction memory;
Simple installation;
Main panel synchronizing for multiple set-up options;
Minimum false alarms;
Modular electronic assembly; service friendly.
         RF  antena                                    RF new  mono antena
        Mono                                                                Dual                               Deactivator