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AM System


                                                                                                AM System


The newest acousto-magnetic (AM) system uses a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected. The transmitter sends a radio frequency signal (of about 58 kHz) in pulses, which energize a tag in the surveillance zone. When the pulse ends, the tag responds, emitting a single frequency signal. While the transmitter is off between pulses the tag signal is detected by a receiver. A microcomputer checks the tag signal detected by the receiver to ensure it is at the right frequency, is time-synchronized to the transmitter, at the proper level and at the correct repetition rate. If all these criteria are met, the alarm occurs

When the AM tag is demagnetized, it is deactivated. When it is magnetized it is activated – the opposite of how the deactivation of EM tags works. The AM system is particularly suited for large retail, hardware, home appliance and discount stores.

Supertag offers two types of AM systems:

  • Tag-Mono™ - combines both receiver and transmitter in one antenna, providing dual-side detection; and
  • Tag-Guard™ - a dual antenna solution.

The AM system is fully digitalized, and incorporates the latest DSP technology for false alarm elimination. In addition to being a "Plug and Play” installation, the AM system offers one of the highest levels of sensitivity, resulting in a superior detection range between pedestals.

Main Features of the AM System False alarm immunity;

  • Plug-and-play installation;
  • Built in alarm;
  • Contains an additional alarm port;
  • Constructed with strong, light ABS molding;
  • High detection rate; and
  • Wide exit coverage