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EM Systems


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The Electromagnetic (EM) system is used by many retail stores, supermarkets and libraries around the world. EM systems use a magnetic, iron-containing strip with an adhesive layer, which is attached to the merchandise. This strip is not removed at checkout; it is deactivated by a scanner that uses a specific highly intense magnetic field
The EM system applies an intensive low frequency magnetic field, generated by a transmitter antenna located on top of one of the pedestals. When a strip passes through the gate it transmits a unique frequency pattern that is picked up by the adjacent antenna. An alarm is triggered when the specific pattern is recognized. Because of the weak response of the strip and the low frequency and intensive field required by the EM system, the maximum distance between entry pedestals is generally 40 inches.

The EM system can be supplied in either bypass or full circulation formats. The bypass format is ideal for supermarkets, DIY and video rental stores, where deactivated products are handed to the consumers beyond the antenna’s line. The full circulation format is most popular in libraries and similar environments, and enables deactivation and reactivation of the tags/labels by an easy to use desktop or wall mounted unit.

Supertags EM products have an extended detection range, false alarm immunity and simple "Plug and Play” installation.