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 Face Recognition

Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime around the world.
This Innovative Advanced Technology for Identity Protection can save the world by using your face as your key into the rapidly evolving digital world.

Face recognition was ed by ICAO, IATA and governments around the world as the leading biometric ID technology. The technology addresses applications in consumer electronics, financial world, retail, automotive, e-commerce, homeland security and more.


We specializes in 3D real time machine vision. it enjoys the academic atmosphere and resources of the Weitzman Science Park in Israel. we staffed by Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Physicists and Engineers. Our labs include advanced physical simulation, strong mathematical infrastructure and an advanced optical laboratory.


We developed innovative face recognition based vertical solutions in software and combines dedicated hardware, mathematical algorithms, and proprietary software components that offer a compact, accurate, user friendly, and cost effective product that is modular to various market needs.